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December 16, 2018

Incoherent Thoughts of a Young Marine

March 3, 1993


That’s a lot of threes, wouldn’t you say. Not more than three weeks ago, I told myself, “Kurt, things are going to change. You are going to start being a doer, and not just a dreamer.” Everybody dreams, but few do. It feels funky, wrong, bad being a secretary with fervent military interests. Sitting on one’s ass all day sap’s the mollasses right out of you. A good day needs to be balanced between mental & physical / subjective & objective activities. The greater that balance is disturbed, the harder it is to be a doer. I’ve made todo lists on a myriad of occasions, but revert always to my former self. I will try to supersaturate myself with todo lists, and watch…

Had a discussion with Gunkel, and he firmly believes (or says he does anyways) that Jesus Christ is that golden strand of hope that keeps the believer above the dark and swarming surf of questions and ideas pertaining to each and everyone’s concept of existence. The key words, hope and believe are really the key terms of faith. And to have faith is to not have the answers. So it seems that as long as someone is content to remain answerless, he/she won’t have to subject themselves to dark thoughts that are always threatening to flood the reasonable sociative qualities of man. To have faith is to cling on that anchor, the more ideas creep pull, the stronger your grip. But you forget, either way the water will drown you. So let go and see where the tide takes you. Be daring, be a thinker of dark thoughts.

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