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December 17, 2018

Incoherent Thoughts of a Young Marine

February 21 & 22, 1993


Last night I drank some pretty rough 190 proof alcohol, to what point I’m not exactly certain. Basically just to get obliterated and loose my mind; and as an extra, to wake up with the hangover that doesn’t want to go away.

Found out that we’re leaving CAX on the 23rd, hopefully late. If it’s late, then that means an extremely short work week, with a 96 starting on the 25th. I can deal with 1 12 days in the office, at Lejeune.

I found out this morning, that relationships are a constant journey. You can’t get off at a station and expect the train to wait for you. I called Lisa, to see if seeing each out here was out of the question. And to cut the chase, it is. If there had been a stronger bind between the Geyer family and myself, things may have been a little different. I need to write more than these little statements. I have to keep a constant and steady correspondence with all of my family and friends whom I value. I know I’m capable of giving plenty to them, and they are all good people. To accomplish this and more, time management will play a key role. Less sleep and more activity.

All in all, today is a beautiful day.

-When people start talking about the weather, the conversation has taken a turn for the worst.


A sit and wait kind of day. We staged at 1100CMT for buses due to arrive at 0200 something. Estimated time of arrival back at Lejeune, sometime in February. In all seriousness we should make it back sometime in the late afternoon tomorrow. At that point, it will be an extremely short work week to the Thursday, noon libo formation.

Been reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and have been pleasantly struck by its inspiring and enigmatic line of thought and ideas. It has sparked (re-ignited) serious thought on my part about a trans-continental bicycle trip in the spring of ‘95. It also has me questioning the goals I’m presently pursueing, and those I’ve had intentions of pursuing (pursueing or pursuing, pursuing looks right). The very least I will say for the book is that it instigates cerebreal activity.

-We (HQ’s) never did move to the mortal section’s area.


I never did keep up a consistent correspondence with my family or friends. Also, regarding the weather, I love talking about the weather now - so definitely a turn for the better for any conversation ;)

In the spring of ‘95 I did go on a trans-continental bicycle trip - another story for another time.

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